Every morning your alarm clock rings at the same time. Your eyes are barely open, you now stand in the bathroom brushing your teeth and then drive to work with a quick breakfast to go. Day in day out you ask yourself: is it worth it? Like most people, you work for a company in a job that doesn’t meet you 100 % and under conditions that you only accept because of the illusion that there will come a moment where you have managed to take a week off.

Opening a café – dreamed independence

The idea of opening a café always facinated you. Inspiring customers, trying out new products and being your own boss – your desire to turn the passion for coffee into a profession has been with you for a long time. However you have not yet taken the final step towards self-employment because the initial investments (including shop rent, deposit and personnel costs) clearly exeed what you have been able to put aside so far.

The mobile coffee shop – quick and easy to start

Limited time offer: the Coffee-Bike offers the possibility to open your very own mobile café even easier. Every newcomer who choose to become a franchisee until the end of September 2018 has the chance to start hiw own business already from 299,90 Euro per month. So you will save the high initial investment of a local store, get the highest possible degree of mobility and start with a strong partner without renouncing your entrepreneurial freedom.

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