The world is dependent on plastic – which has dangerous consequences. Plastic waste pollutes the oceans and many animals directly or indirectly swallow pieces of it. In the distant future, they will possible call today the “Age of Plastic.” We should do what we can to avoid that!

We believe that at Coffee-Bike, and therefore are constantly working to express ideas of sustainability through our products. A big step was made with the system-wide introduction of our new Clear Cups. “I am not a plastic cup” is printed in subtle green letters on the transparent cups, that serves cold beverages such as iced coffee. The slogan is a reference to the production and material composition of our cups, because they are made of 100% biodegradable material. The raw material can be abbreviated to PLA, which stands for “polylactide” and thereby indicates that natural Lactic Acid is the base material for our Clear Cups. One big advantage is of these cups is their stability, which provides our Coffee-Bike customers with a pleasant holding and drinking experience.

“We stand for sustainability and want to set an example,” says Benjamin Hammami, the Vice President of Operations at Coffee-Bike who introduced the new cups. “That is why we focus on more than just the technical components of the Clear Cup such as the high quality and ergonomic factors. It is important that we offer our range of beverages exclusively in compostable materials. This is now possible with the introduction of the new Clear Cup, and thus creates the counterpart to the biodegradable hot beverage cup.”

Sure, it is just a small step towards a world with less plastic, but many small steps at some point lead to their destination. With more than 200 Coffee-Bikes and our strong brand at our side, we can send a signal that we are proud of.

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