Tropical temperatures and the mediterranean feeling in Europe. With temperatures up to 40 degrees, we are experiencing an extreme heat this summer. Whether it’s a swimming pool, delicious ice cream or air conditioning – each of us has our own methods to withstand these extreme summer temperatures. How to get cool? Ice cold drinks are mandatory. But wait a moment! Is this a fallacy?

Mobile coffee catering – drink some warm coffee

Hot temperatures make drinking more important than ever. Contrary tot he assumption that ice-cold drinks have a particularly refreshing effect on our body, warm drinks are expecially recommended in the heat. Therefore, it is not surprising that it has been a pupular habit in warm countries for hundreds of years to tempert he doy with warm drinks, such as coffee or tea. Adding warm fluid provides the body with an additional heat signal, causing it to sewat slightly. This thin film of moisture on the skin regulates body temperature in a natural way.

A mobile coffee shop – the Coffee-Bike is your best friend at your summer event

Especially in the summer coffee can also prove tob e a blessing fort he body. After all, every adult should drink about 2 liters a day. No problem for our Coffee-Bike baristas. No matter what summer event you want to organize, we will do our best for your guests – we aoffer the complete product portfolio of a local coffee shop: cappuccino decorated with latte art heart, perfectly layered latte macchiato or fine-tuned espresso. Shortly cooled, each coffee specialty offers the optimal drinking temperature for hot summer days. Drinking helps!

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