Sustainability. A term many people close their eyes to even though it is well know how important it is to the environment, to humanity and above all to future generations. After all, it is no longer a secret that, for example, the climate change is a strong consequence of environmental pollution. Those who did not live in the cellar the last few weeks find out for themselves how extreme (hot) this is to be felt in the meantime.

The EU recently adopted a long-term strategy to reduce plastic waste and pollution including, for example, ban on plastic crockery and straws. In the long-term? Today sustaiability is already practiced at our Coffee-Bikes.


No plastic at our Coffee-Bikes

By using only biodegradable Clearcups and the numal cups (worldwide) we have already started implementing the concept of sustainability at our Coffee-Bikes in the past. Now we take the next step: In 2019 there will be no more plastic straws at our Coffee-Bikes. The straws will be replaced by an environmentally friendly and also fully compostable alternative. This proves one again that coffee-to-go can also be sustainable – if you want it too!

Sustainably successful – the mobile coffee shop

our goal s to put the concept of sustainability into practice in order to set a good example with our Coffee-Bikes. After all, everyone can make a contribution to environmental protection. And if we inspire more people to a sustainable way of life with more than 250 Coffee-Bikes, we are happy to take advantage of this opportunity.

Here You find more about sustainability at our Coffee-Bikes.

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