Winterspecials 2018 – Can it be some more?

Still 95 days to Christmas. Just the right time to introduce our new two winterspecials. S’mores is a fusion of the words “some more”. The snack originates from scouting trips in the US and Canada. Scouts would toast marshmallows over the fire, and sandwich them between Graham cracksers with a chocolate bar. Based on the original […]

Drinking helps – our mobile coffee shop helps surviving summer heat

Tropical temperatures and the mediterranean feeling in Europe. With temperatures up to 40 degrees, we are experiencing an extreme heat this summer. Whether it’s a swimming pool, delicious ice cream or air conditioning – each of us has our own methods to withstand these extreme summer temperatures. How to get cool? Ice cold drinks are […]

Coffee-Bike and the fight against plastic

Sustainability. A term many people close their eyes to even though it is well know how important it is to the environment, to humanity and above all to future generations. After all, it is no longer a secret that, for example, the climate change is a strong consequence of environmental pollution. Those who did not […]

6 reasons you should drink coffee every day

We already know, that we need our coffee to start our day at the office. How this habit actually benefits our health and spirit, you are about to find out. Caffeine energizes Countless studies have shown what everyone knows: Caffeine wakes you up. When we drink coffee, it blocks the neurotransmitter adenosine. This raises your […]

Of happiness and the dream of independence – secure special prices now!

Every morning your alarm clock rings at the same time. Your eyes are barely open, you now stand in the bathroom brushing your teeth and then drive to work with a quick breakfast to go. Day in day out you ask yourself: is it worth it? Like most people, you work for a company in […]

Looking for a taste explosion? Try the Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel

Coffee – our favorite drink, is one of the most versatile in the world. The variety of options makes you curious and invites you to try different coffee variations. One person prefers the traditional black coffee, while the other likes a vanilla flavor. Coffee trends such as chai lattes or caramel macchiatos are becoming more […]

Coffee-Bike is now bfa Associate

We are proud to say that Coffee-Bike International Limited, as of the 19th of June 2018, achieved Associate Membership of the British Franchise Association (bfa). ” We are looking forward to being a part of the governing body to Franchising within the UK. I am sure both parties will gain value out of this association”, […]

How does one become a barista?

Barista? What is that? That could be the first question that crosses your mind. So here is a short definition of the word: Barista is the Italian word for barkeeper; the plural form is baristi or bariste. Whereas in Italy a barista serves all kinds of drinks, in the English-speaking realm it normally denotes someone […]

Coffee catering made easy

Everyone knows the feeling – your birthday is getting nearer, an important anniversary is around the corner and the next business party still needs to be planned. The most important thing at each event? That the guests are in a good mood and go home at the end of the day (or night) happy, of […]

our own independence in peak form

Quit office job, now full-time barista – The career plan of Alex Kouba in Vienna A lot of young people dream of starting their own company and being self-employed. Next to a sound business model and experience, it takes courage to invest capital in your own future. How do people muster the courage? What drives […]

More than a drink – Coffee is a way of life globally

We are spoiled. Today we can order our favourite cappuccino in any exotic country and every café knows exactly what we want. International differences in coffee culture however, still exist from country to country. For example, Italians prepare their favourite drink differently than Arabs or Turks might. How the black gold is enjoyed in different […]

Coffee-Bike amazing places #2

Idyllic Winter Magic – Convince, where others meet their limits Away from the city, in the Sindelfinger Forest, about a 30 minutes’ walk from the last drivable street is a hidden clearing. There lies a picturesque winter wonderland, perfect for the peaceful Christmas atmosphere and yet, an unconventional location for a Christmas party. Exactly here […]

Coffee-Bike amazing places #3

Where record setting is normal: Coffee-Bike Dubai doubles its fleet Dubai – an astonishing city, that writes its own record-setting history. There are few cities that have made it as often into the Guinness Book of World Records as Dubai. The metropolis in the Persian Gulf is the worldwide fastest growing city, home of the […]

Coffee-Bike amazing places #4

The mini break – Claudia Vishers and her Coffee-Bike on the banks of the Rhine Seek and you shall find, whoever goes through life with this attitude, will always find something wonderful. In other words, sometimes the daily walk with the dog is enough inspiration to think up a new business idea. In Meerbusch, between the […]

Looks like plastic – but it’s not

The world is dependent on plastic – which has dangerous consequences. Plastic waste pollutes the oceans and many animals directly or indirectly swallow pieces of it. In the distant future, they will possible call today the “Age of Plastic.” We should do what we can to avoid that! We believe that at Coffee-Bike, and therefore […]

Coffee-Bike amazing places #5

#southside2018 – Coffee-Bike Ravensburg at Southside Festival What more could one of the biggest festivals in Germany wish for, for its 20th birthday, other than a Coffee-Bike premiere? Fulfilling the desire for a mobile coffee bar, which recharged the caffeine batteries of festival visitors around the clock, were the team of Coffee-Bike Ravensburg with their Coffee-Bike […]

Franchising Belgium: Coffee-Bike enters the Belgian market

Franchising Belgium: Coffee-Bike enters the Belgian market Franchising Belgium, the greatest franchise network in Belgium, announces: Coffee-Bike is now entering the Belgian market. Motivated entrepreneurs get the chance to start their own business in new territories. Bringing one of the fastest growing franchise systems in Germany to the kingdom, Coffee-Bike targets to establish its proven […]

From Denmark via Germany into the world – a perfect combination of bicycle and coffee-shop.

We are online!“ From now on we will regularly update you in our blog about interesting news and trends concerning all kind of coffee, espresso and entrepreneurial issues. For all of you, who have no clue what Coffee-Bike is all about, we will introduce ourselves in the following lines. It all started with a brilliant […]

Merry Christmas from your Coffee-Bike Team

Christmas has totally arrived at our headquarters by now. Our colleagues are baking Christmas cookies after work, which are consumed along with almond biscuits, gingerbread and other Christmas treats while sipping one or more hot cups of coffee during lunch break. After the work is done the team heads to the Christmas market, buys the […]